This is BS Soft

acoustic based Artificial intelligent software company
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what we do

based on acoustic, but any possible area of artificial intelligenct

event detection

Acoustic(sound) event detection with A.I based technology such ac HMM, DNN.

noise reduction

Noise( such as street noise) reduction with NTF(Non-negative Tensor Factorization).


Location estimation from recorded sound with stereo microphone.


Other services related all around software

web/mobile service

We are expert of all part of web service such as pront page(also mobile version), server, DB, Design.
We also provide mobile application(IOS, Android) for compatible with your existed service.

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Embedded service

We will help your embeded software(arm-board) and network service(LoRa, Ble, etc) if you want to provide IoT service

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Our service

IoT smart alert system for safety in public toilet

We protect you when you scream.

Nowadays, there are a number of CCTV in everywhere but public toilet.
This i s blind spot of public safety. Some criminal following a person when he/she go to toilet.
The privacy and safety of people have to be satisfied.
Our service can do that.


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